Global Christmas 2015
Global Christmas 2015
Global InterGold
Global InterGold
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Saint Petersburg, Russia
12 December Global InterGold Saint Petersburg, Russia Conference
Global Christmas 2015
Global Christmas 2015 was a vibrant celebration of the year's achievements in world-class hotels!

Global Christmas 2015 put the finishing touch of the year for Global InterGold clients. The event took place on December 12 in the cultural capital of Russia, and consisted of two parts:

- The international Global Christmas Convention 2015 held in the 5-star Astoria hotel;

- The delightful Global Christmas Ball 2015 held in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel.
Event program:
Every detail of the event was impeccably organized, setting a very high benchmark for the following events. During the convention, the guests obtained information about the results of the year and goals for 2016, thereby strengthening ties of mutual trust between the company and the clients and the idea that the company is focused on clients.
As tradition dictates, the President of the Company and the Director of Development Gyorgy Fuzesi were invited to the stage and pronounced sublime speeches of success, motivation, opportunities, leadership and one of the main requirements to succeed: understand the product and its value.
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Gianluigi Rissone
Asti, Italy
"Vogliamo offrire un' Opportunità reale, seria e soprattutto legale a persone che vogliano migliorare la loro condizione economica, e non solo, inoltre poter sviluppare un' attività sul territorio e in tutto il mondo grazie a internet....
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Isaia Munao
Rimini, Italy
Pensi di voler diventare una persona più libera ed indipendente?
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Ryszard Wojciech Koper
Czestochowa, Poland
Jak utworzyć dochodowy biznes w oparciu o Globalintergold
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Michail Ukvasov
Moscow, Russia
Вэбинар для тех, кто хочет что то изменить в своей жизни, ищет новую, надежную и быструю в реализации бизнес-идею.
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Michail Ukvasov
Moscow, Russia
Вэбинар для тех, кто хочет простроить свой собственный бизнес на Золоте. Именно бизнес. Бизнес надежный, бизнес прибыльный, бизнес долгосрочный, что бы получать доход в Золоте от работы своих структур....
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