Global Convention 2016
Global Convention 2016
Global InterGold
Global InterGold
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Rome, Italy
07 October Global InterGold Rome, Italy Conference
Global Convention 2016
We would like to invite you to the 6th Global InterGold Global Convention. There, you will learn everything about how to start your business easily and quickly, how to increase your income, and how to achieve results faster.

Global Convention is the first company’s conference that has become a tradition. Eminent and loyal leaders as well as new customers usually attend it to become better acquainted with the business, get the latest news and start their own success stories.

Event program:
Global Convention is an annual Global InterGold event known for the inspiring speeches delivered by eminent businessmen, for the spectacular Awards Ceremonies, as well as for the exclusive business secrets and future plans that the company reveals. Be one of the first customers to learn about the novelties of the company and achieve new goals!
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Zoya Klyukina
Izevsk, Russia
Приглашаем всех гостей, клиентов и покупателей своего золотого будущего на Региональную бизнес-конференцию Global InterGold,
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Antonio Jose Pinto Miguel
Paris, France
Partager des Informations Importantes sur notre Business International - 6 étapes pour réussir avec Global Intergold et le Groupe World Team
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Gianluigi Rissone
Asti, Italy
"Vogliamo offrire un' Opportunità reale, seria e soprattutto legale a persone che vogliano migliorare la loro condizione economica, e non solo, inoltre poter sviluppare un' attività sul territorio e in tutto il mondo grazie a internet....
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Isaia Munao
Rimini, Italy
Pensi di voler diventare una persona più libera ed indipendente?
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Ryszard Wojciech Koper
Czestochowa, Poland
Jak utworzyć dochodowy biznes w oparciu o Globalintergold
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